Image by Jakub Kapusnak

September 30th - October 8th, 2021

Foodie Tour

September 30th - October 8th, 2021

Foodie Tour

Image by Jakub Kapusnak

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Foodie Tour Itinerary 

Italy is known for its delicious cheeses and meats. This week you will learn the secrets
of making these specialties and taste the very best of the region.

Day 1: Leave for Milan
If traveling from the US, you will arrive the following day.

Day 2: Pick up from Malpensa airport
relax and unwind at the villa, Wine and cheese, dinner (included).

Day 3: Bologna
Visit the Mortadella factory. See how the famous Bologna is made in one of the most striking cities of the Emilia Romagna region. 

Then, we will visit the magnificent city itself. Bologna has amazing architecture, shops and restaurants. We will stop for a typical meal (not included) and wander the city wall to investigate the hidden treasures that lie within them. 

Day 4: Parmesan factory/Live music
After breakfast we will head down the road to the local Parmesan cheese factory. Here we will wander around the facility while they are actually in the process of making this prestigious cheese. Then, we will have the chance to buy it on the premises at exceptional prices. 

We will ride to the top of the nearby mountain to a trattoria where we will have an authentic meal (included) and have the opportunity to dance to a live band with the locals! 

Day 5: Langherano/Torrechiara
After breakfast we will drive to this prosciuttificio to learn how Prosciutto of Parma is made. After which, we will enjoy a meal based on the cured meats of the area, the cheese of the province and the wine of the region (included) while looking over the valley below. 

Once the meal is concluded we will explore the castle of Torrechiara which has frescos on nearly every wall or ceiling.

Day 6:  Free day to spend time in the village or day trip (on own).

Day 7: Carrara, Mountains

After breakfast we will enter the caves of Carrara mountain. This is the majestic white marble that Michaelangelo used for his David. Watching them extract this precious stone is very interesting. It makes you marvel at the thought of doing so in a time when there was no machinery.

We will dine on local aged meats along with the Lard of Colonata (included). This lard is aged in marble vats to create just the right amount of flavor. It is considered a very prestigious technique which leads to a savory finish. Later, we hop a jeep and ride to the top of this marble mountain to enjoy the breathtaking panorama from above.

Day 8: Felino
After breakfast we will investigate the technique of making the salami of Felino. Every region has their secrets and Felino certainly has a few that add to its flavor. Once we have a lesson in this cured meat specialty, we will visit the winery down the road to enjoy a tasting (included).

Day 9: Departure